Meet Our CEO

Meet the Founder, CEO and Master formulator Nadine Morris the naturalista behind the natural and organic hair and skin care brand Adesewa Naturalz. 


Nadine is a graduate of Seneca College a Wife and  Mother of three.  After returning to her natural hair in 2010 she developed a deep love and passion for her natural hair and natural hair care, and after much reading and research that love later propelled her to formulate her own natural and organic hair care products with proven results, not only for herself but also for her family and friends.


After a little encouragement and a lot of appeal for her formulated products where she now resides in Western Canada she decided to launch her own natural hair care product line.


Adesewa Naturalz products uses the healing properties found in natural and organics ingredients such as herbs, oils, and butters to nourish, moisturize, hydrate and strengthen your hair. We believe in creating beauty solutions using ingredients from nature.  Adesewa Naturalz hair care line is armed with an array of products such as Hibiscus & Herbs nourishing strengthening and growth stimulating deep conditioning hair treatment, leave-in-conditioners both for protein sensitive and non protein sensitive naturals, moisturizers and stylers just to name a few. 


Quality ingredients is at the core of the Adesewa Naturalz brand, there all

Natural product line offers a healthier hair care solution for both women and men looking for effective products to care for their hair. All there products are gentle and safe so its a great option for the entire family.

Ingredient Commitment


People have become more aware about the possible toxic effects that chemicals used in their personal care products might have on their health. This knowledge has led to an increased demand for all products using natural ingredients. Our products are carefully formulated using natural and organic ingredients that are designed to be more effective than those that are mass produced. 


Our ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acid and many other naturally occurring nutrients.


Why natural & essential Oils?


Not only do natural oils carry your essential oil, they also enhance your hair and skin, by providing their own nourishing benefits.

At Adesewa Naturalz we believes in using the best natural and certified organic ingredients in our hair and skin care products.  Our mission is to use healthy ingredients that will promote and maintain healthy hair and glowing skin. Our hair care products will leave your hair feeling moisturized, hydrated and soft, while nourishing and strengthen your strands.  While our skin care products leaves your skin glowing, soft, hydrated, moisturized and more radiant.  


All our products are formulated with the very best natural and certified organic ingredient that nature has to offer.