Charcoal & Sweet Almond Detoxifying Cleansing Bar

Charcoal & Sweet Almond Detoxifying Cleansing Bar


Made from 100% natural plant base oils NO ANIMAL FAT/TALLOW 

Activated charcoal beauty bar provides a rich creamy lather and is fantastic for oily skin. Its ability to absorb oil and dirt from pores is exceptional and is also great for acne prone skin.  Activated charcoal beauty bar helps to reduce pore size leaving your skin feeling balanced, soft, clean and clear. If you have dry skin, activated charcoal may be a little bit too drying to use on a daily basis.



DIRECTION: Lather with warm water then rinse. Follow up with your favorite moisturizer.


INGREDIENTS:Olive oil, Coconut oil, Canola oil,  Soy butter, Palm oil, Castor oil, Sweet almond oil. Activated Charcoal, Lemongrass Eo. and Tea tree Eo.



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