Good hair is the hair you grow naturally

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Healthy Natural Hair care tips

Be consistent in your hair care regiment. Scheduling specific times for your hair care needs eg. weekly or bi-weekly co-wash or treatments and Stick with products that works for you hair.

Deep condition weekly or bi-weekly, our natural hair will become very dry and brittle if MOISTURE!! is not infused on a regular basis.

Protect your hair while you sleep at nights by wearing a satin bonnet or sleeping on a satin pillow case.

Do protective styling or low manipulation styles, the less you manipulate your hair the more it will thrives, mainly because its not being tugged and pulled at daily.

Trim your ends as need, depending on damages such as (eg. split ends or heat) or if your hair has a lot of single strand knots.

Use less heat, to much heat on a regular basis will break down the protein bonds in your hair and cause heat damage, which will defeat the goal of trying to having healthy natural hair. If you are transitioning try to blend the two textures by doing more transitioning styles like twist-out, braid-outs or flexi-rod sets to blend the two textures.

Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and taking a multi-vitamin will also aid in your hair growth. Healthy hair starts from the inside out.

Clarifying your hair once per month or as needed depending on product build up. Use a moisturizing shampoo bar or moisturizing shampoo That will not completely strip your hair of its natural oils and leave it as dry as hay. Clay cleanse are also a great option. (My personal favorite is Bentonite clay.)

ALWAYS! ALWAYS! keep your hair MOISTURIZED! to prevent excessive dryness, even while in a protective style like a weave or braids. Spritzing your hair with a hydrating liquid moisturizer and oiling your scalp as needed with a natural liquid oil (*not petroleum grease) will help to maintain your hair.

DON'T do your hair if your tired, stress out or feeling upset or just not in the mood to give your hair that TLC that it needs, naturally kinky, coily and curly hair takes time and patients.

Try not to use hair accessories that will PULL, SNAG, TANGLE or RIP out your hair. Also avoid Hard bristle brushes that will SNATCH out your edges, because girl! no style is worth your edges!!.

Detangle damp or wet hair hair with your fingers, a wide tooth comb or a wide teeth set brush (eg. denman brush), be gentle!.

Last but not least be patient, love your hair and be beautiful.



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