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10 Gift ideas for Naturals/Naturalistas

We will make this quick, simple and go straight to the point, its the holidays and we know you have a lot to do.

1. Hair steamer/Bonnet dryer/Hooded dryer (eg. Q-redew, Huetiful, GoldNHot or Conair). For a more affordable and less intimidating steamer a Deep conditioning microwavable heat cap is also a great ideas (eg. hot head).

2. Hair Growth oil.

3. Cute hair accessories for updo's and cute styles.

4. Scalp message brush, this helps with scalp messages that will help to stimulate hair growth.

5. A slap cap/Bonnet or Satin pillow cases

6. Adesewa Naturalz the new complete hair care collection line.

7. Natural hair care products subscription service, this will give them the opportunity to try different products to see what works for their hair.

8. A gift card to stores or website that sells natural hair care products and accessories so that they can get exactly what they want.

9. A Salon gift card to get their hair done. There are salons that specializes in natural hair care including braiding, weaving or a wash-n-go.

10. Book on how to care for your natural hair.



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