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The Different Types Of Hair Porosity

I know that there are a lot of terminology in the natural hair community that may be a bit confusing to a new natural. I know for me the first time I heard the word hair's porosity when I became a new natural nine years ago my first thought was "why do I have to know science to manage my natural hair?".

However don't get discouraged, because all hair porosity really means is just your hair's ability to absorb and hold on to moisture. Ex: water, moisture from products or chemical, through your hair's cuticle into your hair's cortex.

The types of hair porosity are: Low porosity, Normal/Medium porosity and High porosity. Now lets dive into what each porosity means.

Low porosity- This is when your hair does not easily allow moisture in or out of your hair strands. Because your strands have a tightly bound cuticle layer with overlapping scales. Low porosity hair is more prone to product build-up and your hair may feel habitually dry.

Normal/Medium porosity- means your hair allows the right amount of moisture in and out of you hair strands. This type of hair's porosity needs the least amount of maintenance; it holds styles fairly well and is not normally very dry.

High porosity- is hair that takes in moisture easily but also loses it just as quickly. Normally high porosity hair is hair that is damaged by chemical treatments like: color, relaxer or heat, which means that the hair's cuticles are raised and has a lot of gaps and holds. High porosity hair is more prone to frizz and sealants are a must along with heavier butters. I've also linked a video down below explaining more on hair porosity

Now let us get into some of the characteristics of each porosity.

Some of the characteristics of Low porosity hair are: It takes longer to dry after wetting, Product builds up easily, it creates single strand knots easily and it takes a little more effort to stretch (tight shrinkage).

Some of the characteristics of Normal/Medium porosity hair are: It absorbs product well and stays moisturized for at least a couple of days. Hair gets moderate tangles and knot( nothing major). Medium porosity hair will stretch with some effort(shrinkage is not as bad as with low porosity hair).

Some of the characteristics of High porosity hair are: It dries quickly after wetting, tangles easily and breaks easily with tension whether hair is wet or dry.

You might be wondering "how do I figure out my hair's porosity", well one of the ways you can figure this out is by doing the float test with a clean or freshly washed hair strands.

Knowing your hair's porosity will help you to know what products works best for your hair and how to keep your hair moisturized. So remember to be patient, embrace your texture and enjoy the journey!.



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