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  • Adesewa Naturalz Editor


School is back in session and that means tons of spelling tests, math quizzes, book reports and history and the works!

What it also means is that your child will need a back to school hair care routine that is quick and easy but doesn’t cause dryness and damage to your child’s hair.

Follow these quick and easy steps that teach you how to keep your child’s hair healthy during the school year:

1) Spray hair with a moisturizing spray like our Almond & Aloe Nourishing & Conditioning Hair Milk at night to reduce frizz and damage.

Extra moisture never hurt anybody. If you have trouble keeping your children’s hair moisturized no matter what you do, try the LCO method, Leave-in, moisturizing cream, oil/butter. Moisturizing your child’s hair nightly with our almond & aloe hair milk, will help to reducing frizz and damage. Make sure to spray around your child’s edges, ends and oil their scalp.

2) Using a silk pillowcases or bonnets to also help reduce frizz as your little one sleeps.

You can also use a silk scarf to help maintain protective styles.

3) Use the weekend for wash day. Cleanse, deep condition, detangle and style for the week ahead

If you have a couple of kids and little time, this is an excellent way to make sure your kids hair are getting the TLC they deserve. One great thing that works is to choose one style that can be styled many different ways like small braids or twist.

Example start with a protective style like twist . After a week or two you can take down the style and let your little one rock a cute curly fro or twist-out for a few days. You can then brush the hair up into a few puff ponytails until wash day.

Have fun with this and really test your creative juices to see what you come up with! Choose any hairstyle combinations that you like the key is to not having to do too much manipulation of her hair.

4) Accessorize with bows, barrettes, and headbands. It can change their look completely!

Have you ever tried out a new style on your little cutie and it came out… less than cute? No worries just add a cute headband or bow and you can transform a failed style into a super fabulous one!

So I hope that these tips are helpful and if you are interested in getting your hands on our moisturizing, nourishing and Eco-friendly products you can find most of our products locally at Island Beat beauty supply or online at



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