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  • Adesewa Naturalz Editor

How does onion oil help with hair growth?

In the last decade the natural hair community has evolved tremendously in the way were it is now easier for newly naturals and seasoned naturals can walk into their neighborhood beauty supply store and grab any natural hair care products from any one of these huge companies that are now catering to the kinky, curly, coily hair community.

But I remember a time when this was not even and option for a sisters who wanted to rock her natural curls or afros, so we had to become our own kitchen chemist and mixtresses and whip up our own deep conditioners, butters, growth oils and creams, my blender use to be my go-to appliance for pureeing my avocados, bananas and aloe Vera for me to use in my hair for a deep conditioning treatments. But to tell you the truth I really miss those days.

The truth is that our hair loved it and also thrived from those little TLC treatment moments. Don't get me wrong the natural hair community has come a far way with some brands creating superior products for our kinky, curly, coily and wavy hair, and I must say I am truly elated for that.

But there are still some old school recipes that still works for us naturals like our onion, garlic and herbs hair growth oil.

Research as shown that using onion oil on a regular basis will effectively prevent and treat baldness. Onion is also rich in sulfur which helps to minimize hair breakage, split ends and thinning hair. Onion oil will also nourish your scalp and the collagen in onions help in the production of healthy skin cells and hair growth.

Garlic in this oil recipe packs a real power house punch. Garlic as some of us might know has antimicrobial properties that helps to kill the germs and bacterial which are responsible for causing damage to the scalp.

It is also know to be rich in vitamin C which is great for promoting hair health and it also boosts collagen production that helps to stimulate hair growth.

As for the herbs used in this recipe check out our previous blog post on natural herbs for hair growth to learn more about some of the amazing herbs for hair growth that you can incorporated into your hair care regimen.

Check out our video where we show you how to create your own onion oil recipe for hair growth.



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