Good hair is the hair you grow naturally

  • Adesewa Naturalz Editor

How to maintain and retain your hair growth while wearing protective styling.

Braids, weave and wigs are beautiful and versatile, but don't forget that your hair needs proper care in order to thrive and prevent hair damage.

When you are protective styling here are some tips for you to follow:

I know that we all love for our hair to be slayed, layed and snatched, however never install your braids too tight. Tight braids often leads to hair lost, tender scalp and broken or damaged hair line AKA bold edges.

Use a light braid spray or liquid leave-in conditioner like our Adesewa Naturalz Almond & Aloe Nourishing Hair Milk to keep your hair hydrated. To prevent your hair from becoming too dry and brittle hydrate at least twice per week.

Always remember to sleep in a silk or satin bonnet or scarf to keep your hair looking fresh. If you are not into wearing bonnet or scarfs opt for a silk pillowcase.

Scalp care is also very essential to look, health and freshness of your protective style. There is nothing worst than having a cute style with flaky, dry and unhealthy looking scalp that itches like a****** (fill-in the blank). Use a light weight plant-based oil the keep your scalp moisturized.

Please! Please! Please! Don't forget to gently cleanse your scalp to remove build up from products and dead skin cell. The Adesewa Naturalz African Black soap Rosemary & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar is excellent for this, it will not only cleans your scalp but your scalp will also benefit from the therapeutic properties from the rosemary and tea tree as well.

I know that getting your braids, weaves and wigs installed buy a professional can be very pricey, HOWEVER do not leave these styles in for too long. Leaving in these styles for too long will eventually do more harm than good to your hair.

When it's time to take your braids out gently and finger detangle your hair in small sections before wetting or shampooing your hair, this will prevent breakage and hair loss. TRUST me you do not want to avoid this step at all!

I know that well all want to have our hair slayed 365 day. However give you hair a break! wait awhile before re-braiding or weaving, your hair follicles will thank you!.



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